Gift Card

Gift Card

It seems important to propose the famous "Gift Card" for those who would like to make a great present to their friend (or a member of the family): sometimes it's not so easy to find a gift idea for a "crazy hooker".

You can also put it on a Swap box or propose it during a giveaway.

The gift card is very easy to use:

To order it:

By email (or by using this this form) with the following informations: your full name, the amount you want to credit on the Gift Card, and your email address to receive it. You will receive a PayPal request to pay your order (if you don't have PayPal account, you can also make a bank transfer - in this case, you will receive the gift card about 48h after your payment). As soon as your payment is complete, you will receive the Gift Card by email and you can print it.

If you want a nominative Gift Card, I will need the beneficiary name (or nickname). If not, the sentence "Offered by *your name or nickname*" will be notified... or *M. Mystery* if you're Santa Claus and don't want to be named ).

To use it:

The beneficiary will use the gift card by email and will give these informations:

  • The gift card code
  • Their name and last name
  • Their email address (if this one is different from that used) and mail (if they ask for material)
  • Products they want to receive

They will receive their order by email (or mail) and they will see the gift card balance if they didn't entirely used it.

If the amount of their order exceeds the amount of the card, they will have to pay the balance by PayPal.


  • You can ask a gift card for any amount .
  • You don't need to know the identity of the beneficiary before your order: so you can receive it to prepare a giveaway ^^
  • There is no use-by date.
  • The beneficiary can use it for any product on the shop: patterns or materials (in this case, take care of the shipping costs).
  • They can use it in several times.
  • The gift card is for a personal use only: the 1st user will be the only one.

I hope I explained everything and if you have any question, feel free to contact me.