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The Halloween Bride

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Once upon a time, during a Halloween evening, in a village lost in the woods, a man was weeping for his wife, who left him too early on their wedding day.
Suddenly, a strange smoke rose far from the cemetery, accompanied by a disturbing voice.
The husband approached and saw, at the very place where his wife was resting, a witch, reciting some sort of spell, while adding suspicious ingredients to her cauldron.
Suddenly, the totem’s raven unfurled its big black wings and the lid of the coffin flew.
The bride, all dressed in cream, straightened herself little by little, and resumed life … but …. was she still the one he loved then? …

Following the instructions and materials of this pattern, the bride and the witch will measure about 13cm (5,5’’), the totem about 18cm (7’’), the coffin about 17cm (6,7’’) in length & 10cm (4’’) wide and the cauldron about 6cm (2,5’’). They will be a different size depending on the hook and yarns size used.

Materials needed:
- Crochet hook 2.25mm or 2.5mm
- Tapestry Needle
- Yarn (cotton or wool) for a hook size 2.5mm
- Stuffing
- 3 sets of safety Black eyes Ø 6mm (or 1 set and 2 sets of stick eyes)
- Pins, Glue & Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- 3 tiny satin flowers : 2 Champagne and 1 Green **
- 5 pearly half beads Ø 4mm **
- A cross of about 5/6cm (2’’) **
- 2 handles of about 4cm (1.5’’) **
- 1 tiny spider of about 2cm (0.8’’) **
- Optional : Black felt & White acrylic paint

** All these items are available in The Halloween Bride Accessories

Schachenmayr Catania :
- N°8415 - Baby Blue
- N°130 - Cream
- N°247 - Blue
- N°206 - Honey
- N°115 - Red
- N°110 - Black
- N°189 - Orange
- N°412 - Moss
- N°393 - Anthracite
- N°389 - Green
- N°113 - Purple
- N°208 - Yellow
- N°106 - White

(about 2 balls of Black color, more than 1 ball of Red color, and less than 1/2 ball for the other colors)

© 2019 Croc's Betty. Betty Delery - SIRET : 450 027 321 00022 - All rights reserved. This pattern is only intended for PERSONAL USE! The boss can not be wholly or partly reproduced, published (online or printed), modified or resold. You can sell the finished products, if they are made by you, and in limited quantities by filling in the name of the designer. Please add the following information to the description of the sold security blanket "This blanket is handmade by ... (your name) ... according to a pattern created by Croc's Betty / Betty Delery / www. crocsbetty.com. "

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