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   Returns & Exchanges

•  Patterns

Please note that you can only ask a refund if the files has not been downloaded yet.

•  Material

Material order can't be cancelled because of the quick sending of this one.
You can ask for a refund after the reception of the product return (to your charge).


The available payment methods are: Credit Card, and PayPal.


•  Paid Patterns

Deliveries are done by email, including the link(s) to download the pattern(s). Each pattern is provided as a password protected PDF file, including a watermark. The watermark contains your first and last names. For security reasons, the pattern also contains encrypted personal information.
The patterns orders are sent within 24 hours.

Warning: The password to open pdf files is included in the email: this is a personal password and it will be the same for every patterns you would order in my shop.

Gift Order: If your order is a gift for another person, I will need his first name, last name, and email address to send him/her the download link(s): you could leave a personal message (on the comment field of your order) for this person; if you don't have any message, it will be written "**This pattern is offered by [YOUR NAME]**" on top of the email.
If you don't have these information, I will send you a gift card with the name of the pattern(s) offered and a promo code: you can offer this card to your friend andd then he can use it to order the pattern for free in the shop.

•  Free Patterns

Free patterns are sent by automatic email. You can also download the pdf on the website:
My Account / Order history and details / Details of the order: the download will start as soon as you will click on the pattern’s name, in the order.

•  Material

Material is sent by tracking mail.
- Orders placed before 11am (CET) are sent the same day.
- Orders placed after 11am (CET) are sent the next opening day.
- Orders placed the Friday after 11am (CET) are sent Saturday or Monday.

   Additional Policies

•  Patterns

- Patterns are provided as password protected PDF files, including watermark (first and last names) and encrypted personal information (for security reasons). Please note that you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7.0 minimum required, or equivalent) to open them.

- You can download these files with a computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can print them with your computer, but because of their protection level, most of mobile phones and tablets are unable to print them.

- Your first name, last name, and billing address are required to receive your PDF pattern(s). By accepting the terms and conditions of sale, customers give their consent to the inclusion of their full name on the pattern.

- You can sell items made from this pattern, provided that they are handmade by yourself in a limited number and you give credit to the designer. Please add the following lines to your item description and any item you are selling: “This doll is handmade by [YOUR NAME] from a design and pattern by Croc's Betty - Betty Delery / www.crocsbetty.com.“

- By accepting the terms and condition of sales, customers give their consent to the use of their personal information if they don't respect the intellectual property.