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Pack Prue (Catania)

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Pack Catania + Eyes + Eyelashes to crochet Prue

Warning : this pack doesn't include the pattern available here => Prue

Depending on the availability of the shades and threads, the content of the pack may differ from the information provided on the tutorial (shade replaced by another or thread).
The details of the pack are visible on the page: we invite you to consult it before any order.

This pack contains 11 products:

Pack Prue (Catania) - Safety Black Round Eyes 7-24mm - 10mm x1 Safety Black Round Eyes 7-24mm - 10mm
Pack Prue (Catania) - Black Eyelashe - 8mm x1 Black Eyelashe - 8mm
Pack Prue (Catania) - Gatsby Katia - 20- Gold x1 Gatsby Katia - 20- Gold
Pack Prue (Catania) - Catania Originals Schachenmayr - 106 - White x1 Catania Originals Schachenmayr - 106 - White
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Pack : Catania cotton + safety eyes + eyelashes to crochet Prue

Information : depending of your work's tension, you should need more than 1 ball of Camel and Afrika color

Prue Catania Velour

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