"Time Trip" Projects

First of all, let me explain you what "Time Trip" projects are...

This page will present you some "long-term projects": each one will include free patterns. I will introduce them one by one, and all of them together will build a story (they won't be "cut patterns", but really different patterns that will tell a story!).

Now... imagine... a book... turn pages to discover a story... and each page you turn... shows you a picture...

Some of these projects would be "never-ending ones" or even customizable: feel free to choose project's patterns you want to realize or not, to choose if you want to include one in the current project or not, or stop it because you already have what you want/need.

So, don't worry, these are long-term projects, patterns will be available sometimes after some weeks: there is no question to only have these projects, you could continue to realize your own projects at the same time, and sometimes come here and realize what you want, when you want.

I will inform you of any project updates on my Facebook page.

These patterns will be for beginner or intermediate levels, so no stress: when a pattern will require a specific technique, I will propose you a YouTube link to help you learn this stitch easily.

So, let me introduce you the beginning of the first project stories (no no no: you won't know their subjects before working on them, but you will still have the pattern's photo to be able to choose if you want to realize it or not):