How to reinforce your doll

This tutorial was made on January of 2017 during the Feelia's design and is now proposed for free on this website.

You will need:

•  White Adhesive Plaster
•  Flat & Cutting Pliers
•  Wire

I highly recommend to reinforce your doll with a wire to give her a better shape and to give her the position you want. It also allows a better hold of the head because of the hair and/or hat.

You can use any stainless wire or iron or even electric cables so that you can wash your doll easily.

Photo #1
Cut approximately 120 cm of wire (47'') and go around the hand to not be disturbed during the work.

Form the legs (do not count the stuffed feet) (see photo #1): the white adhesive plaster shows you the beginning of the wire (if the wire you use is colored, use the white adhesive plaster to cover all the length in order to be invisible from the outside).

Photo #2Photo #3Photo #3Photo #2Join the legs following the instructions of the doll you're working on and add some rounds of the body so that you are now at the waist of the body.

Place a stitch marker to lock the work and start to insert the frame and the stuffing in the legs and the body :

Insert the frame into the legs and the body and use a pencil (or any thin object) to stuff the legs around the wire (see photo #2). Unfold lightly the wire to work easily (see photo #3), remove the stitch marker and continue the work.

Photo #4
Work the top of the body and add the arms. Stuff the body taking care to keep the frame in the middle of the body.

Place a stitch marker and work on the frame to add it in the arms:

Unfold the wire and form the arms as shown in photo #4. Fold the wire to insert it into the arms (see photo #5). Remove the stitch marker and continue the work (photo #6 shows you how to hold the doll to not damage it and work easily).

Photo #5Photo #6Photo #6Photo #5

Photo #8Photo #7Continue to work on the body and the neck, stuffing gradually. Cut the wire, leaving approximately 5 cm (3''), fold in half and wrap with plaster (see photo #7).

This part will be on the head (photo #8).

Photo #7Photo #8