Best Wishes 2018

During 27 seconds, Mister Croc's was transformed into pyrotechnician to join me to wish you all a wonderful new year! As usual we hope that it was better than the last one, lined with friendship, strewed with madness, generously sprayed with health and flooded in an abime of love!

Ah and of course: stiffled under a heap of balls of all kinds!

New Pattern

Achu is a little hedgehog very shy and especially gourmet. He has always something to eat in the hands: just see his big tummy to know that he never skips one of his 15 daily meals!


January Bonus Pattern

January Bonus Pattern: Berit & her Baby (Alphabet Series).

This pattern is sent for free with any pattern order in my Etsy shop during the whole month (no minimum order).

Alphabet Series

A long-term project: The merry Alphabet group is composed of little boys and girls, playing with their favorite toy or dressing with the outfit the love. Each toy or outfit’s name begins with the same letter than the name of its owner: Arthur & his Airplane, Berit & her Baby, Clint & her Cowboy outfit...

These little dolls of about 27cm heigh (10.5") needs very few seam and will enjoy children as well as taller persons


At the Croc's zoo, you will find a multitude of animal species who live together with joy and lightness.

They are all different: 4 legs, 2 legs, sit, stand, the Croc's zoo keeps on growing over the weeks and inspirations


Billie is a seamless doll of about 17cm heigh (7") (with a 2.25mm hook): they appear during major opportunities to celebrate the most important days of the year in the palm of your hand

Often in duo, their pattern can be also ordered per unity or with the customizable pack where you can choose the outfits you want.

P'tit Bidule

A little kawaii monster, 6 paws, small balls as hands, a pink heart on the bottom, big blue eyes, and a gourmet bag for travel. A P'tit Bidule will delight children by becoming their best friend for playing and cuddling, and the olders with whom he will awaken their childish side

There are lots of Bidule, all differents, all complementary, and also customizables! P'tit Bidule (28cm - 11"), Zodiac Series (28cm - 11"), Mini Bidule (15cm - 6"), and Micro Bidule (7cm - 3"): they will satisfy everyone!

Cookie & Co

Collector dolls, gift or hooker's challenge: tall (about 30cm heigh - 11"), fine, with a frame in their body to move as they want, wonderful hairstyle. They symbolize the fineness we can create with our hook

Fantastic Animals

Mother Nature offered us wonderful animals... but what would have happened if she made things different? Some Lapirafes with bunny ears and giraffe horns? Some Foxouris with sloth arms and fox tail? Unicorns? Cats with bat wings? Welcome to the Croc's Lab, where everything becomes true!